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Wayne Wright Files Lawsuit Against Volkswagen

Posted on Oct 08, 2015

Wayne Wright has filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen!


On October 8, 2015 attorney Wayne Wright filed a nationwide lawsuit against Volkswagen in San Antonio, Texas.

On the subject, attorney Wayne Wright said:

“Volkswagen has committed intentional fraud against Texans and I won’t stand for it!  Volkswagen’s CEO has admitted that they told consumers and the government that certain 2009-2105 year model TDI Diesel vehicles were better for the environment and met all government standards—both of which were outright lies.  Texans are trusting, but we aren’t pushovers.  Texans who purchased these cars deserve justice, and they deserve to get it in a Bexar County courtroom.”

Consumers who purchased the affected vehicles face a host of problems ranging from the inability to pass state inspections, to loss of the value of their vehicles, and to the stigma associated with owning a “dirty automobile.”  Even if vehicles are modified they stand to get lower mileage per gallon and substantially less performance.

Wright will pursue Volkswagen with the goal of ensuring that big auto makers know that fraud has its consequences—especially in Texas.

When Volkswagen cars couldn’t meet American emission standards 10 years ago, the car maker found a way to cheat on emission tests so it could sell autos that clearly “…damage human health and the environment.”  A report by ABC News slammed the company for installing software in its engines to skirt U.S. standards.  The software “…allowed VW’s diesel cars to fool U.S. laboratory emissions tests, releasing fewer smog-causing NOx during tests than in real-world driving conditions.”  Nitrogen oxides (NOx) cause dangerous smog.

An article in The Detroit Free Press, - “Analysis: Why VW’s emissions fraud is such an outrage” - begins with one damning word about the company’s intent:  Premeditation.  Volkswagen’s marketing of 11 million of its diesel cars was based on a virtually irresistible appeal to environmentally aware Americans who were also looking for cars that used less gas.  The company’s ads claimed its cars were “clean diesels.”  It was a blatant lie.  The cars actually “…produced up to 40 times the legal limit…” of emissions in the United States.  The cheating went on for seven years.  And its effect on air quality is massive, particularly in Europe.

An analysis in The Guardian found VW cars in England may have emitted nearly 11 tons of air pollution every year, about the same as all of the UK’s “combined emissions for all power stations, vehicles industry and agriculture…”  Just 3% of cars in the U.S. are diesel, compared to almost half in the European Union (EU) where air pollution has not improved for years.  A group in London is calling VW’s diesel emissions “…the biggest public health catastrophe in UK history…” charging that it is responsible for 5,800 premature deaths each year.”

While air pollution caused by VW’s diesel cars in the United States has not had the environmental impact it’s had in Europe, it’s a financial disaster for VW car owners in America.  The resale value of their VW cars has plummeted.   And, because their cars’ emissions exceed EPA standards, owners may be driving cars that are illegal.  Investors are affected as well.  The company’s stock fell 30 percent after the fraud was revealed.  Drivers and investors are now suing the German automaker for using software to cheat the EPA’s emissions tests.

VW is facing fines in the U.S. of “…more than $18 billion, as well as a criminal investigation,” according to a recent report by NBC News.  The auto maker could face legal claims that it should refund the entire purchase price of the cars it sold fraudulently, if the cars decline in fuel economy or performance.  Some are suggesting that a nationwide lawsuit is the only way to secure a complete refund.

Relief for U.S. car owners may take time.  While the car maker has said it will fix all VW cars in America, the situation may be more complex than the company has previously admitted.  Word is now surfacing that the immediate fixes will be conducted in Europe and other countries, not the U.S.  The cost of repairing the “rigged diesels”  could run as high as $6.5 billion in the United States alone.

Meanwhile the EPA is changing its methods of assessing emissions in all cars.  It is adopting a “real world conditions” instead of laboratory tests.

If you are among those who were cheated by Volkswagen’s greed, call Wayne Wright.  The firm counts this fraud as among the worst ever callously perpetrated on unsuspecting American car buyers.  You deserve representation that will right this wrong.


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