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Texas Dangerous Drug Lawyer Explains What to Do If You Have Been Injured by Harmful Drug Side Effects

When we need help with a medical condition, we place our lives into the hands of medical professionals, trusting that they will be able to deliver the care we need. Unfortunately, many providers are prescribing drugs that are not safe for every patient—and in some cases, aren’t safe at all.

Why Are So Many Dangerous Drugs Still on the Market?

dangerous drug lawyerAs science advances to fight diseases in more effective ways, pharmaceutical companies are quick to churn out new products in order to make a profit. Many drugs hit the U.S. market as soon as they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—in many cases before the long-term effects are fully understood. In many cases, manufacturers have even been accused of deliberately concealing the potential harm of their drugs from doctors and patients.

Many victims suffer painful injuries, diseases, and even wrongful death from dangerous side effects of their medications, including:

  • Cancer risks. Many drugs have been linked to increased cancer risks in patients, especially with long-term use. One of the most well-known examples is the diabetes medication Actos, which caused patients to suffer bladder cancer and congestive heart failure while taking the drug. Just recently, a study revealed that men who take Viagra could have an increased risk of developing melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer.
  • Heart attacks. Many men who suffer from low testosterone have taken testosterone supplements and other therapies, such as Androgel. But in March 2015, the FDA issued a safety warning that testosterone drugs can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, or even early death—even if the product is FDA-approved.
  • Bleeding and clotting problems. Blood thinners may prevent strokes due to blood clotting problems after surgery, but they can also cause excessive bleeding in many patients. In 2011, thousands of people suffered serious side effects, including bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, rectum, and brain due to the blood thinner Pradaxa. Xarelto, marketed as a competitor to the popular anticoagulant warfarin, was later linked to an increased risk of internal bleeding.
  • Diabetes. The side effects of diabetes can be fatal if they are not brought under control quickly. One effect, ketoacidosis, occurs when patients with type 1 diabetes fail to metabolize food and nutrients systemically. Patients taking the medication Invokana have reported incidents of ketoacidosis that lead to hospitalization, kidney failure, and even death. In addition, Lipitor and other cholesterol-lowering drugs came under fire when many patients, especially post-menopausal women, developed type 2 diabetes as a result of taking the medication. Some patients have accused the drug’s manufacturer of hiding the increased risk of diabetes in order to promote and sell its product.
  • Birth defects. Doctors should take extra care when prescribing medication to pregnant women. In a recent investigation, the makers of the drug Zofran were accused of unethically marketing the anti-nausea medication to pregnant women to treat morning sickness and vomiting. Unfortunately, studies have linked the medication to an increased chance of birth defects, including heart defects, facial dysmorphia, and cleft palate. Similarly, women taking the drug Topamax suffered a greater likelihood of their children being born with oral cleft defects than women who were not taking the drug.
  • Other issues. Any drug that is not properly tested before release can lead to life-changing effects for a patient. For instance, the antipsychotic drugs Risperdal and Invega have been known to cause male breast tissue enlargement (gynecomastia), causing patients to undergo mastectomies to remove the unwanted tissue.

Why Are So Many Dangerous Drugs Still on the Market?

We've helped many clients who are struggling after a dangerous drug uproots their life. Once we pair you with a dangerous drug lawyer, your team at Wayne Wright will begin working to take drug company head on.  Here is a list of drugs that we have worked on cases for either in the past:

We Can Help You Hold a Drug Company Responsible for Causing You Harm

We understand that many victims who have been injured by medications are in pain, overwhelmed, and just want their lives to go back to normal. That is why when we take over your case, the only thing you have to worry about is recovering from your injuries. By hiring an experienced dangerous drug lawyer, you'll know your case is in good hands.

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Our attorneys will fight the drug company, hospital, insurance company, and any other party who could owe you compensation all the way to court, getting you the maximum amount you deserve for your suffering. Best of all, we take cases on a contingency fee basis, so you will pay us nothing unless we win your case! Call us today at 800-237-3334 to discuss the details of your case in your free consultation.