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Our San Antonio Area Hail Damage Attorney Can Help You Get the Compensation You Need

Texas has a national reputation for storms. Not only do heavy winds and rains contribute to the destruction, but hail also wreaks havoc on homes and cars. Unfortunately, even after living through such a terrible storm, insurance companies will avoid trying to pay out legitimate property damage claims.

If you’ve just survived a storm in San Antonio or the surrounding area, you might need help dealing with delayed insurance claims or compensation. Our experienced attorneys have tools and strategies vital to maximizing your insurance payout. Contact us today to get started on your case.

Understanding Storm Damage

Storms unleashing heavy rains, winds, and softball-sized hail frequently roll across Texas. You may have already learned to expect big storms, but dealing with the damage overwhelms you every time. Following a severe Texas storm, you can expect damage from:

  • Rain. When large volumes of rain fall for extended time periods, flooding can cause foundation damage to your home or business, interior damage to carpets and furniture, and possible future issues with toxic mold due to hidden moisture. Rain can even worsen the roof, siding, and window damage caused by wind and hail.
  • Wind. High winds in Texas storms can toss heavy objects into the air and send them crashing into your home and car—breaking your windows, damaging your siding, and exacerbating damage from previous storms.
  • Hail: In Texas, hail size ranges anywhere from pea to softball—or larger. Because hail is solid, it can severely damage your home’s roof, siding, windows, and frame. Additionally, your car will probably sustain dents, broken windows, or even wheel damage. Hail sometimes threatens power lines, which can result in fires and smoke damage.

Don’t Let Insurance Companies Delay Your Claim

You diligently pay your premiums every month, you update coverage when necessary, and you keep an open line of communication with your agent. However, even though their customers submit legitimate claims after surviving destructive storms, many insurance companies try to avoid paying out.

In fact, they often prioritize their bottom line over their loyal customers. An insurance company might try to pay you less or nothing at all so they can earn more money for themselves in the end. Some adjusters even get bonuses if they can avoid a large payout.

Our Texas Hail Damage Attorneys Can Help You Recover Compensation

The aftermath of a severe storm can leave you feeling helpless and confused. Sometimes, emotions can run high, which might lead you to make quick but unwise decisions about your insurance claim—such as accepting a settlement lower than what you deserve. Reach out to our team and we can help you:

  • Maximize your settlement
  • Communicate effectively and confidently with your insurance company
  • Interpret the legal language in your property damage policy
  • Pursue any necessary legal action to get you a fair settlement

If you have questions about your hail and property damage claim, how to deal with your insurance company, or understanding your insurance policy, we are here to help. Fill out the contact form or start a chat with one of our team members on our website today.