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When You Trust a Product to Better Your Life and it Causes Pain Instead, Fight Back With Help From a Dangerous Product Lawyer

If you’re like most consumers, you trust the products you use and the drugs you take to work the way they are intended to work. Not once do you fear that the table you bought would collapse or the drug you were prescribed would lead to serious health complications. Unfortunately, the reality is that dangerous products exist. If one hurts you, you might have a case against the negligent company.

Dangerous Product Lawyers Seeking Justice for Injured Consumers

When a business rushes a product to market to make an extra buck, or a drug company pushes a new prescription medicine that hasn’t been properly tested, you’re the one who pays the price.

Dangerous products are released more often than most people realize. It takes people like you to fall victim to the dangers they pose before it is taken off the market. It is not fair and it deserves justice.

At Wayne Wright, LLP, we fight back on your half after a dangerous product injures you. Some examples of cases we represent include:

  • Consumer products. You expect the items on the shelf at your local superstore to work the way the manufacturers say they will work. If something goes wrong and a toy, appliance, or other type of consumer product fails to operate correctly, you or a family member could be seriously injured.
  • Design defects. When it comes to big purchases, such as a new car or piece of furniture, you expect them to operate correctly. If the ignition switch is faulty or if a table collapses causing serious or catastrophic injury, you have a case against the company that released the defective product.
  • Dangerous drugs. Dangers lurk in the medicine you take, too. Some medicine goes to market without undergoing proper testing. If you’re harmed by a medicine that was released too early, you might have a case against the pharmaceutical company.
  • Medical devices. Medical devices require intricate testing and proper construction. You could be seriously injured by a malfunctioning medical device. If something goes wrong and your medical device fails to operate properly, you could file a case against the designer and manufacturer.

Our team of dangerous product lawyers knows how frightening injuries from consumer goods, drugs, and devices can be. You worry about your health, whether you’ll ever make a full recovery, and the mounting medical bills that face you every day. You shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes of a large corporation.

Let Our Lawyers Go to Bat for You

We know what you’re up against. Let our team of dangerous product lawyers in Texas go to bat for you to represent your case in front of the company that caused you harm. We’ll fight for you to get a settlement that will cover the cost of your soaring medical costs. With our help, you can also serve up punitive damages to the corporation that caused you and your family so much heartache and pain.

Call us today to learn more about the types of dangerous product cases we represent and learn how we can help you.