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If You Were Injured in Texas or Are in Need of Legal Help, Wayne Wright and His Team Can Help

When it comes to how an injury can occur, your body does not discriminate. Whether you’re at work, going to a movie with your family, or out shopping with friends, an accident can happen. When it does, you need the help of a lawyer in Texas familiar with a variety of types of injury claims.

We Handle Many Types of Injury Cases in Texas

No matter whether you were recently injured or you now need to file for Social Security disability to manage your injury, we can help. Our team of injury lawyers in San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, and Corpus Christi know the law and fight their hardest toward getting your claim approved.

Aside from dangerous products and motor vehicle accidents, here are some of the other cases we handle:

  • Social Security Disability. Filing for Social Security disability is complicated. One mistake can cost you your benefits. If your application was rejected, talk to one of our Social Security disability attorneys. We can help you develop a forceful appeal that will give you the best chance possible of winning the disability benefits you need to live.
  • Premises Liability. If you slip and fall while attending a theme park or water park in the San Antonio area or visiting your favorite store in El Paso, you could be seriously hurt. When an injury occurs because a property owner or manager fails to keep the premises safe for visitors—and doesn’t even give appropriate warnings about potential hazards—then we can help. Contact us to get support from a team of skilled injury lawyers.
  • Jobsite Accidents. Regardless of where you work—in the oil fields or in an office—injuries can happen at any time. Workplace injuries are often due to the poor decisions made by coworkers, reckless behavior by contractors, or penny-pinching neglect of basic safety by your boss. You could be hurt and out of work for weeks, months, or permanently. Our lawyers will fight and do all we can to help recover for your injuries and lost wages.
  • Wage and Hour Claims. Some employers are great people, but some have no qualms about cheating their workers out of the pay they have fairly earned. We have helped many people across Texas wrestle with their bosses for the full compensation they are due. If your company did not pay you your promised salary, did not compensate you for overtime hours, forced you to work through lunch breaks, or changed your recorded work hours, we can work to get you the back pay you deserve.

If you are struggling to know what to do and how to get back on your feet, let us advocate on your behalf. Call our office today to schedule your consultation with Wayne Wright and his team.