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Auto Accidents

Why do auto accidents bother us so much. We’re just minding our own business, we’re doing our own thing, we’re on our way to a soccer game, or to the movies, or to work, or to church, to the grocery store, to the doctor. And we just want to get there. We want to get there safely. We want to be respected on the road because after all we’re giving that respect. We’re following the rules.   We’re stopping at the red lights, we’re not speeding, we’re not playing with our cell phones. But somebody is, somebody is and then they hit us. The injuries are bad enough, but the frustration is where it is. The frustration that somebody else was so careless, so reckless, so indifferent to following the rules that we all play by. And now my car is damaged,  now my car is totaled, now I’m injured, now my family is injured, now I have to take time off from work, now I have to go to the hospital and I never got where I was going. I still have to do that. So auto accidents are very frustrating on top of everything else. And I think that when we all want a release, we all want a way to hold the at-fault person responsible. That’s what we do, everybody has to play by the rules, me you, everybody, and that guy that hit you. Hold them accountable, let them know that this wasn’t right, yea maybe they got a ticket, maybe the officer scolded them but you know we’re responsible for the damage that we caused. If we’re negligent, we’re responsible and the person that hit you is responsible too. We can help with that, we know what’s it’s like to be frustrated.  Call us.