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Dangerous Product

When products are sold to consumers, they have to be safe; we expect that. That’s the way our society works. If we buy a pen and it's known to explode and it explodes and hurts us, well that not only wouldn’t be right, it would be against the law. So what do we do? If you’ve been injured by a dangerous product, call us today so we can walk through the facts and decide whether or nor you have a case worth pursuing give you the advice to help you make the decision about what to do.

When a company sales something on the market, they’ve got to make it safe. They have to design it correctly and then they have to manufacture it correctly also taking in to account the person that’s going to be using it. The instructions to have to be clear. And when a company sells something that they know is dangerous, like a drug that they know causes serious injuries, well they need to be held accountable for that.  And you are entitled to recover all of your damages when you are injured by an unreasonably dangerous product.

If you think this is your situation, don’t wait don’t wonder just give us a call. And let’s walk through it together.