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You May Be Entitled to Damages if You Were Injured by a Dog Bite

So it happens every day, people injured by animal bites, more often than not dog bites. The question really is, what did the owner know about this dog? Was it a vicious dog? Was the dog properly contained? Did the owner know that this dog had bitten others before and had a likely hood to do so? Those are the questions that need to be figured out. And that’s what we do.

When we get called and someone tells us they’ve been bitten by a dog, we immediately start our investigation and we try to figure out the facts of the case. Was it a very tiny puppy and its first day of living? Well, maybe that’s not the case. On the other hand, was it a dog that the owner knew was vicious? And, in these cases quite often it is the homeowner or the pet owner who’s responsible for the damages that bite causes. Now, we’re not just talking about the scratch to the leg, we’re talking about damages here that can often times be very significant. And dog bites can be just that, they can interfere with your livelihood, they can interfere with your life, they can cause surgeries, they can cause medical trauma, and they’re not to be treated lightly. And the facts are absolutely paramount. We’ve got to figure out what happened.

If you’ve been injured because of a dog bite or any other animal bite, call us so we can walk you through the process and figure out whether or not you’re entitled to recover for your damages.