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Funeral Home Negligence

Negligence is nothing more than not acting as a reasonable person would under the circumstances. That’s what it means.  We see it in all different types of cases. Whether it’s auto wrecks or products liability or mal practice, but even so in funeral home cases. Funeral homes are professional places, funeral home directors go to school, many years, they train, they learn how to do their trade. But when they don’t care and when they're negligent, well they can be liable for damages too. Grief is so important to all humans. The final goodbye is one of the most important things that we have to deal with our emotions following the loss of a loved one. And if a funeral home is negligent with the body, with the care of the loved one, well negligence applies to them too. Disfigurement of the corps, mishandling, dropping – funeral home cases, we handle them. If you think that your loved one has been treated improperly by a funeral home, call us today.  Let’s talk about it.