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Premise Liability

So the law requires that everybody who has a premises, and what’s a premises? It’s any place - it’s a business, it’s a house, it’s a car lot, it’s any place that you control or own. The law says we have a duty to keep it safe. We have to keep it safe for those who might come. If you’re a business, well that’s everyone. If you’re a homeowner, well it’s those people you invite. So, we can’t have a large whole in the middle of the kitchen when we get ready to have the party. We have to protect our people. We have to protect the guest and at the very least, we have to make them aware of any dangers. So, we have to tell them, ‘hey there’s a whole in the middle of the kitchen, beware. Maybe we have to put cones up. We have to do something to let them know, that if I turn this sink on its going to explode. Well that’s information we outta get. And when a property owner, or a premises owner, doesn’t do that and somebody gets injured, that’s premises liability.

And that’s something we do, we do very well. Knowing the questions to ask, knowing where to get the information, did this person follow the codes in the laws that were in place? Did they act safely; did they use equipment that was readily available? Did they fail to do something that they were supposed to do? These are big questions and they are not easily answered. But they’re ones that we're very good at answering.

If you’ve been injured on somebody else’s property, give us a call. We’ll let you know what we think about the facts of your case, because, that’s what we do.