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Our Attorneys Are Experienced in Appealing Social Security Disability Denials

Social Security disability is a safety net. It’s a good thing. It’s not something we want. It’s not something we ever hope to rely on. It’s a program designed to help those who really can’t help themselves. Those who’ve fallen into a situation in life that they can’t crawl out of. They’re injured or disabled in a way that prevents them from being able to support themselves. You’re unable to go to work, you can’t work, you can’t provide for yourself, for your family. And in that situation, Social Security disability may very well be your only alternative. It’s not the big win. It’s not the things people want to have happen, but it’s there and if you can’t work and you can’t support yourself, you should apply for Social Security disability. And if all the criteria is met, you get approved. But the majority of the time, even though you qualify you’re denied. You’re denied because that’s the government’s response to having a claim file. And when you’re denied, what do you do?

Well you can pack up, you can give in you can say that’s it or you can call us. You can call us because we’re experienced in handling Social Security denials. Because if you don’t appeal you certainly can’t win. Disability is a hard thing, we know that. You’ve got a lot on your mind. The appeal shouldn’t be one of them. Give us a call and let us walk you through the process of appealing your Social Security denial. Call us today.