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Trucking Accidents

Following the rules on the road is important for every driver - we expect that. We expect that when we’re on the highway, when our kids are on the highway, when our friends are on the highway, that they’ll be safe because everybody will follow the same rules. But, driving safely, making lane changes when it’s appropriate, stopping at red lights is part of the equation. When it comes to trucking accidents, it’s not everything.

Large trucks on the road are something we all have to deal with but we can’t forget that it’s the large companies that put the trucks on the roads. Whose bottom line is important, who answer to shareholders and maybe it wasn’t the best financial move to get new tires this month even though the truck needed them. Maybe fixing the break lines looked not the best to the board of directors but its everything to your family, its everything to you. When a trucking accident happens and somebody is at fault, the damages, are so much worse, the injuries are so much more catastrophic. Big trucks slamming into people, the results are never good. So what do you do? How do you find a way to get to the bottom of it, why did it happen, did it have to have to happen? Was the maintenance done correctly? Did the driver too long because he was pushed to drive beyond his hours? Was the urgency to get the delivery to its destination so great that saving a few dollars was worth risking somebody’s life? I don’t think so. And that’s where we come in.

We are experienced in handling trucking cases, we know the questions to ask. We dig, we go the extra mile, to find out why this happened. Was it really just a tire failure or was it something else? Was it a complete lack of maintains that lead to the tires not working, the brakes not working, the driver too tired, the lights not working, the reflector is gone? Trucking accidents are serious. They need to be taken seriously by a serious firm. We can do that.